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We offer trade financing consultancy services, introducing clients to organisations interested in financing their overseas trade activity. Clients can move to a higher volume of supply. Leveraging their purchasing power allows them to also generate a fully guaranteed, insured supply…you have the weight of the finance house, and the finance vehicle (eg. SBLC) behind the purchase ensuring nothing is paid if the stock is not up to the required standard. The finance instruments we refer clients to only pay out on supply to the designated country.


Our staff have decades of experience in many aspects of healthcare provision from all stages of Pharmaceutical Development to mass supply of Medical Devices and Consumables to Government Institutions. We have organised the fitting out of hospitals, vaccine supply on a vast scale and managed the worldwide launch of treatments that have gone on to achieve a multi-billion dollar revenue stream each year. Our staff also have experience of reformulation and compounded products at the other end of the scale, with knowledge of cost saving procedures and shortened regulatory pathways to market.

Financial Consultation
Financial Advisor


We offer a wealth of experience for companies looking to raise funding. From High Net Worth Individual investment through formalised bigger Venture Capital groups to Grant Funding we have raised it all. We can steer your organisation through seed funding, series A, B and C funding and point you in the right direction to organisations who can guide you in managing your Public Offering. Whatever stage you are at, we can help, with a full analysis of the clinical, regulatory and commercial path to launch and beyond - to the point where the product pays for its own further development and commercialisation. We perform a full costing analysis, and subsequent requirement for funding delivered in a number of time/target bound tranches.

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